We have all heard of the coronavirus (Cov-19), But, how concerned should we really be? Do we continue to let businesses open up?  Do we shut it down again?  How many people have already been affected and asymptomatic?

According to worldometers, which collects information from multiple sources including The World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins, the total amount of newly infected people in the United States was 31,496, which brought the total amount of cases to 2,388,153.  This new spike happens to fall 5 weeks after memorial day and shortly after many bars and businesses have re-opened.

The Coronavirus Disease Situation Report – 154 from The World Health Organization shows a total of 152,323 new cases worldwide with a total number of cases at 8,860,331.  The total deaths are reported at 465,740.  Bringing the current mortality rate to .0526%.  Now we all know the mortality rate is lower than that due to asymptomatic people and those with minor symptoms that had not been tested.  Regardless, this number is still concerning.  Combining with the fact that the US is seeing spikes, and several areas are running low on supplies again, it is even more concerning.

Instead of worrying about the coronavirus, take the time to educate yourself on how the disease spreads and how to prevent infection.  Practice good hand washing techniques, keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes, and nose, and stay home if you feel sick.  Wear a mask in public, if not for protecting yourself, for protecting others.  Studies have shown that those that are infected and wearing a mask have a much lower chance of spreading the disease

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